Bringing Hope to Abandoned or Vulnerable Children

As a ministry of City Ministries of EMS/ECWA (CME), Gidan Bege (“House of Hope” in the Hausa language) is the urban outreach arm of CME. 

Gidan Bege seeks to meet physical and emotional needs through the use of medicine, prosthetics, literacy training, vocational training, providing scholarships, food, clothing, shelter and love in order to build bridges for the gospel. Gidan Bege reaches out to several groups including orphans, street children, the blind, handicapped, lepers, poor, diseased, prison inmates and the spiritually lost (Including many Muslims). 

Gidan Bege annually provides for thousands in need, including 50,000+ meals, 1,000+ urban outreaches from 10 centres throughout Nigeria, and 10,000 free medical treatments, as well as wheelchairs, prosthetics, literacy & vocational training.