Helping Missionaries through Training and Prayer

The Rhizha Retreat Centre is a location for reflection, renewal, planning and prayer located about 12 km north of Jos.

A primary focus of the center is monthly training sessions for EMS missionaries. Each month, 15 missionary couples are invited for a week-long retreat that includes the “Master Plan of God” course. The week also stresses the importance of prayer with attendees.

As one way to encourage the practice of prayer, the Rhizha property includes three mountainside prayer houses. The houses are connected across the mountain range by a prayer path so visitors can pray as they walk or enjoy God’s nature. The campus looks like a large park, with its pine, eucalyptus, bamboo and teak groves. In addition, there are many flower gardens, known as the healing gardens.

As such, the Rhizha Centre is a beautiful place for churches and Christian groups to come for retreats. It also hosts trauma healing workshops and prayer meetings, as well as retreats for couples, Sunday school teachers, and others.

“The centre offers our missionaries an opportunity to take a break from the often highly demanding field mission work, to come and rest while being ministered to through spiritually refreshing teachings,” said Rev. Stephen Panya Baba, EMS Cross Borders (foreign missions) Director.

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