Investing & Infecting Lives for Jesus Christ

Faith Alive is a three-floor hospital in Jos, Nigeria that sees about 3,000 patients a month, 1,000 admissions per year, and 750 newborns annually. It provides ongoing care for HIV/AIDS patients, as well as providing surgery, birthing services, care for emergencies, treatment of opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis and malaria, and dental care. Faith Alive operates satellite clinics in Fobur and Hwol Yarje within Plateau State.

Faith Alive Foundation also operates empowerment programs such as barbering, seamstress, tailoring, business center, and shoe repair. These programs further their vision of being a self-sustaining, internationally recognized medical and social services center meeting the needs of humanity in a holistic way. Fittingly, their name comes from James 2:14-17. Faith Alive’s motto is “Investing in and infecting lives for Jesus Christ our Savior.” Visit them online at

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