Preparing for Change: HOUSING

Paul Todd will take over from Ewald Harmsen as Housing Coordinator in June. We ask for your patience and understanding, as Paul already wears many hats, and has limited capacity for this.

To be able to serve you well, it has been decided to postpone all major housing projects or renovations until 2024.

Here is a list of other things to take into consideration:

  • All repair requests should be submitted through the SIM Nigeria website. Paul Todd and Mark Redekop will oversee the repair requests (CURRENT REPAIRS QUEUE) and advise you accordingly. Paul will do this remotely from August to January, as he will be in Northern Ireland.
  • Please read and follow the HOUSING POLICY for guidance and/or contact for further details.
  • Alterations to house layout or structural changes continue to require approval from Administration.
  • STA housing needs will be covered by the STA housing team (Tami, Eunice, Ruth).
  • For any electrical repairs, please only contact Daniel: +234 803 957 8712.
  • Please consult your compound manager for additional support during housing repair emergencies, and print a copy of tradesmen from the website (REPAIRS BUSINESS CONTACTS).
  • For annual renewals of fire extinguishers, tank cleaning, compound staff matters etc, please contact your compound manager (COMPOUND MANAGER RESPONSIBILITIES)
  • NCMC will continue to run at reduced capacity.
  • Woyke Guesthouse remains open as normal.

Please also note:

  • $600 annual repairs allowance remains connected to the property, not the resident.
  • Please follow the usual claims processes for reimbursement for housing repair expenses.

If you have any further housing questions or queries or need clarification on the above changes, please contact the Personnel Office.

If you are interested in assisting with housing in any capacity, please get in touch with the Personnel Office.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

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