Theological Education Intro


ECWA’s Theological Seminary in Igbaja (ETSI) was established as SIM Bible College in 1941 and is now the oldest Theological institute owned and operated by ECWA. 

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Opportunities to Serve:

MA preferably PhD holders in

·         Christian Education

·         Biblical Studies

·         Church History

·         Social Entrepreneurship

Today ESTI continues to train and equip the current and future generations of church leaders, missionaries and Christian teachers with courses catering for students from certificate Doctoral level.   Our mission is to advance, transmit, and sustain high quality Theological and biblical Knowledge, undertake high quality academic research, and ensure moral and spiritual development to the highest level for the benefit of the university church and humanity.


·         English Language Teacher



JETS (ECWA Theological Seminary) was founded in 1980 and along with ETSK trains pastors, youth pastor, missionaries and teachers to serve in the North and Middle Belt of Nigeria. JETS has programmes from Diploma to PhD level.

It is one of the largest seminaries in Africa with about 500 full-time students, as well as a number of part-time students in the Summer School and at Satellite Centres.  JETS has been identified by ACTEA as one of the “Pace Setting” Institutions in Africa. JETS has a strong emphasis on practical ministry skills, and most students are involved in one of the outreach teams. Enthusiasm is such that we limit students to three outreaches per semester.

Staff usually teach three classes per semester. There morning afternoon and some evening classes. Classes are taught in one three hour session per week. JETS has a library with over 38,000 books.

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SIM is not only looking for well qualified and experienced teachers, but people who are passionate about helping students grow spiritually, both through classroom interaction and developing relationships with students outside the classroom.  We are also looking for people who want to be involved in the community life of the seminary. Opportunities are also available for teachers to come short-term; either to teach a three-week module, or in the summer school, for a semester or longer.

Opportunities to Serve:

PhD preferred. Lecturers must be published or currently publishing

  • Qumran and DSS
  • Patristic Writings (also under 'Theological Studies')
  • Theological Hermeneutics (also under 'Theological Studies')
  • Biblical Theologian (either or both OTT/NTT)
  • Biblical Backgrounds (either or both ANE & OT/GRW & NT) = Early Judaism and Christianity
  • Aramaic/Septuagint
  • Hellenistic World (Greek, Roman and Jewish writings)
  • OT and NT Commentators (esp. Pentateuch/Prophets and Gospels/Paul)
  1. THEOLOGICAL STUDIES (including 'Church History/Historical Theology')
  • Origins and Development of Evangelicalism
  • Modern Religious Thought
  • Modern Christian Thought
  • Patristic Writings
  • Philosophical Theology
  • History of Christianity (or Church History)
  • Philosophy/Theological Hermeneutics
  • (Advanced) Christian Theology (or ST)
  • History of Western Civilization
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • The Protestant Reformation Then and Now
  • Origins and Development of Pentecostalism
  • Early Christian Mission
  • Christian Mission in (Post) Modern Times
  •  Development of Ethics for Mission and Ministry 
  • Mission, Gender and Society
  • Mission, Migration and Globalization
  • Christian Mission and Socio-Economic Issues
  • The Political Contexts of Christian Mission (from Antiquity to Today)
  • Biblical and Theological Issues/Paradigms for Mission
  • Transforming Mission and Social Development
  • Mission History and Legacies (from Antiquity to Today)
  1. OTHER (Both require people with a theological background)
  • Christian or Religious Education
  • Leadership [/expand]


ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro is located in the town of Kagoro, in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The Seminary is the earliest theological training institution in ECWA having been founded in 1931.

The Seminary has trained not only ECWA pastors, but pastors from many denominations and from other countries. Missionaries from many places overseas have served and will continue to serve here.  The basic goals of ECWA Theological Seminary flow directly from its motto: “Ye are my witnesses.” From it we derive two essential goals: a personal and a vocational goal.

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Opportunities to Serve:

  • Missions
  • Education
  • Psychology and Christian Counselling 
  • Public Theology
  • Expository Preaching 
  • Librarian
  • Computer Trainer
  • Community Development worker
  • Lecturer

Our personal goal has to do with what we desire to be in personality and character. At ECWA Theological Seminary, our objective is to become increasingly like Jesus Christ. This is expressed in the motto. Our knowledge of Christ should have two dimensions: to be witnesses and to witness Him in intimate companionship. In order to witness for Christ, we must know the Bible, the revelation God has given of Himself. It is for this reason that the heart of the Seminary curriculum is the Bible.

Our second primary educational objective is vocational. The training at ECWA Theological Seminary, is designed to enable students to fulfill, as effectively as their potential will allow, God’s purpose for their lives, “To witness so that He will be known (To make Him known).” Our purpose is to prepare students for church-related ministries. We believe that the best spiritual leaders are those who, above all, are completely submitted to the will of God.

Since most of the students live at the Seminary there is a strong sense of Christian community which is an important part of the training. As such, there is a local church at the Seminary and several chapel services and other meetings are conducted each week. The motto of the Seminary is 'You are My witnesses' so it is no surprise the Seminary community is active in evangelism through the local church, weekend ministry, and regular missions trips.



ECWA Theological College Zabolo is smaller, more rural, and less prestigious than many other schools a 45-minute drive north of Jos. 

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Teaching at Zabolo provides an opportunity to develop one's lecture content and teaching skills, without the high pressure of teaching in a larger school with higher academic standards and overwhelmingly large numbers of students in each class. Class sizes at Zabolo tend to be small or medium (20 to 35 students).   

You will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that your presence contributes to raising the level of performance expected from students and staff.  Staff and students will be very grateful for your contribution to the academic and spiritual life of the school.  This is helpful in terms of motivation.  Some of your fellow lecturers may be working on their M.A. at the nearby seminary, and you may have opportunity to encourage and/or assist them in their studies, just as they can assist you in your cultural learning and your development of the many skills you will need to thrive as a lecturer in the northern Nigerian context.  On campus, you will be immersed in an environment where Hausa is spoken fluently in chapel and outside the classroom, although teaching is done in English. Also, a traditional style of music is incorporated into chapel worship times.

Opportunities to Serve:



ECWA’s Theological college in Tofa was founded in 1948 as the Kano Bible School.  As ECWA’s only Theological College in the north, for over 68 years it has served strategically in training men and women as pastors, evangelists and missionaries both for the north of Nigeria and beyond.

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Opportunities to Serve:

MA holders in

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Church History

Its students are mostly from the core north, returning after their studies to minister in the north. The school has been instrumental in training over half of ECWA’s pastors serving among the Hausa and Fulani in the north. Over the years it has its academic qualifications offered, now offering programs from TESOL to degree level.




Opportunities to Serve:

There is need for Theological Teachers at Billiri for:

MA or above in

  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Old Testament
  • Hebrew
  • Computer / ICT
  • Systematic Theology