Muslim/Christian Relationships


Our goal at BRICC is to work with people, giving them a place along with resources to run programmes that will help their community. 

[expand title="read more" swaptitle="read less"] At the moment we run after school tutoring with four subjects (maths, English (literacy/reading), computers and peace-making) being taught to primary school children through secondary students.   We also help women in the neighbourhood facilitate training and programmes that will improve their lives.  We have started a basic health education programme.  With each initiative it is our desire to bring Muslims and Christians together.  As they get to know one another, our hope is that the trust and community spirit that has been lost due to fighting and turmoil will be rekindled. [/expand]


At EVC we provide free medical and surgical care to women suffering vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulas.  Most often these problems come about as a result of prolonged obstructed labour without timely intervention (like caesarean section).

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The pressure of the baby in the mother's pelvis causes destruction of tissues, leaving holes between the bladder and the birth canal, the rectum and birth canal, or both. Women with fistulas are therefore completely incontinent of urine, feces, or both, until a surgical repair can be provided. EVC offers a welcoming, safe, and friendly environment where women are cared for physically, mentally, and spiritually through medical care, psychosocial and spiritual counselling, and vocational training opportunities. 

Our centre is the highest volume fistula centre in West Africa, and one of the highest in the world, and is recognized as a centre of excellence in fistula care and training of fistula surgeons.[/expand]