Rhizha Missionary Retreat Center

1) EMS training sessions; Sung invites about 15 couples each month and go through the entire Bible over a week on the Master Plan of God. This is our main ministry. This is to equip EMS missionaries with the Word of God so they could stay focused with the mission work they are called for. Strong emphasis during the week is on much prayer. 

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2) Developing and running a retreat center; We started our center originally to train EMS missionaries. Over the years, people started coming to use our facilities. These days we are hosting various Christian groups. Trauma healing workshops/camps are one of many retreats done at our place. Prayer mountain is also open during the day time for people to come and pray. Our pine/teak/Euclyptus groves and gardens are there to create an environment to meditate/pray and heal. 

3) Water for Peace: When we see an opportunity around our center or EMS stations, we offer our water skill and provide necessary materials. We like to do this water work where both Muslims and Christians are present in a village. This is to promote peace and thus to prevent future conflict.

4) Rhizha community school: We have almost completed building two buildings of 6 rooms for an elementary schools. We need teachers, an administrator, and a land developer for the school.   [/expand]


  • Veterinarian – to oversee health of onsite animals and outreach to Fulani people and farmers around 5


Descipleship & Mentoring

In Nigeria helping people to grow in their faith and training them to help others grow is a critical need. Discipleship has been identified by ECWA (the church denomination that is SIM’s primary partner) as a strategic ministry. 

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The discipleship unit of ECWA engages in a variety of activities, including:

  • Seminars for churches or groups of churches to explain and promote discipleship. This often involves traveling with other trainers to various locations in Nigeria.
  • The discipling of individuals or small groups for their personal growth.
  • Training individuals or small groups in how to disciple others.

Disciple-making occurs on several levels, ranging from formal classrooms to working with individuals and small groups in both structured and informal ways.

I have personally found meeting with men one-on-one to help them be prepared to disciple others especially rewarding. It is exciting to see these men take what they are learning and share it with others. Occasionally we have had fellowship get togethers where those who have been involved in discipleship are invited.  It is thrilling to meet those who are being discipled by those whom you have worked with; in some cases this has been two or three “generations” down the line. This illustrates what the Apostle Paul says in 2 Tim.2:2 and is the desired endpoint!  I believe that discipling people and seeing them mature in their faith in Christ is key to seeing the Church become what God wants it to be.  [/expand]