Cornerstone Academy

At what kind of school do the students beg for the holiday to be over? At Cornerstone Academy in Gyero near Jos, Nigeria. This happens nearly every year during the long holiday.

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Cornerstone Academy is a primary (elementary) school for some of the youngest children in City Ministries. It is located in the village of Gyero about half an hour’s drive outside of Jos. Here, City Ministries has a CARE center for 120 orphans and vulnerable children. Close to 100 of these kids attend Cornerstone Academy where we have classes from kindergarten up to grade five. The school was founded in 2010 to accommodate the needs of the children in the center. Many of the children come without much schooling due to what they have experienced before coming under the care of City Ministries. Many have lost one or both parents, so they have been living with other relatives who often cannot afford to send them to school. Due to trauma, it takes time for many of them to settle in at school; but over time, we see great changes in them and they come to learn, play and thrive. God is providing for the school and the needs of the children in miraculous ways. Throughout the years, we have been blessed with short-termers coming to serve at the school. These short-termers have had education in many varying areas, from education, to geology and computer science. At Cornerstone, anyone with a passion and calling to serve the wonderful children leave with a lasting imprint on their hearts.[/expand]

Egbe Music Academy

Martha Bradford had no intention of teaching music in Nigeria. When she and her husband Rick moved to Egbe in 2014, she thought God had other plans for them.

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But little by little the students came. Someone saw her playing the guitar and asked for lessons. As word spread, she increased to three students and then five. Whole church worship teams came asking for help. It was turning into more than a side project. Six months into teaching part time, Martha had an epiphany: this is where God wanted her. She moved the makeshift studio out of her home and into a nearby office building. The students kept coming and Egbe Music Academy (EMA) was born… Martha's 25 years of teaching were coming to fruition

- John Stuart

 Located in the Centenary Computer Center, Egbe Music Academy offers lessons for young adults in guitar, keyboard, violin, ukulele and more. Taught by an SIM missionary professional music teacher, students receive instruction on music theory and practical application.  Most sessions are several weeks long, with a certificate of passing upon successful completion of the lesson module.  Students enrolled in the Academy are welcome to use the instruments to practice when lessons are not in session. 

The academy is opened six days a week and local music teachers are needed to fill the need.[/expand]

Hillcrest School

Hillcrest’s primary purpose is to provide a Christian perspective in the context of education, whilst encouraging students towards a genuine, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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The school seeks to train individuals to become active, vital parts of their communities, and to encourage an appreciation of their place they're in and obligation to the world around them.
We at Hillcrest are committed to developing complete and mature persons, accountable to God and responsible for their own actions, in keeping with our tradition of high academic and spiritual standards. [/expand]

 Opportunities to serve:

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  • Academic Guidance Counsellor
  • Elementary Class Teacher
  • High school Math Teacher
  • Recruitment and Development Director (Part-Time)
  • Special Education Teacher [/expand]



One Room Classroom

The MK School offers missionary children the opportunity to continue their schooling at Egbe while their parents serve on the hospital compound and throughout the community.

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Situated in a bright school house, students are taught by an American certified teacher using grade appropriate curriculum for students in grades K-9.

Abeka Academy Curriculum is the prominent resource for text and studies include language arts, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, physical education, and more! A portfolio with report cards, classwork artifacts,  and standardized testing results is provided for each student to ensure easy transitions for the family.  

Classroom studies are often supplemented with field trips and excursions to local sites. Students are encouraged to find ways to contribute to the community by taking on various projects or participating in events that support the community they live in.  One-on-one and group tutoring is available for national children of professionals as resources permit. The Egbe MK School's vision is to facilitate learning for smooth transitions into the educational institutions of the child's country of citizenship, to nurture Christ-like living, and to most importantly help the child discern God’s calling in their life. [/expand]

Kent Academy

Kent Academy provides instruction from grade one through grade six organized on the basis of the common North American pattern of elementary education with some adaptations to International and Nigerian curriculum.

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Kent Academy’s educational philosophy is founded on the Biblical view that each person is created by God with certain potential abilities, which need to be developed for the glory of the creator. It is the responsibility of the school in cooperation with the parents to guide and encourage each student in developing his/her potential to its fullest extent.

Therefore, education at Kent Academy is aimed at the development of the entire individual: spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. The principles of life set forth in the Bible are the guidelines used by the staff of the school in working toward this end. Bible knowledge is a very essential element at all levels of instruction in the classrooms and in the dormitories. If they so desire, a student has the right to choose to become a Christian.


Resource Center

Responding to a need for Biblical resources in the Egbe community and surrounding area, a Christian Resource Centre was opened in the Centenary Computer Centre located in close proximity to ECWA Hospital Egbe.

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Under the leadership of an SIM missionary with a degree in theology and a manager with a degree in Pastoral and Theological Studies, thousands of books have been categorized, labelled and placed on multiple library shelves for easy access.

Many pastors are enjoying the opportunity to study and have great discussion. Volunteers are still needed to do an annual inventory and workshops on using the books. Books on the history of Africa or Nigeria would help complete our history section. Software programs like Bible Works would also be appreciated.[/expand]