Care Africa

C.A.R.E. Africa was created to help empower orphaned children through education and discipleship, and to support widows, abandoned mothers and the unemployed in the Egbe area.

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Established in 2014 by Emmanuel Salako, a local Nigeria and Patrice Miles, an SIM missionary. C.A.R.E. Africa’s mission is to Invest Courage into the Vulnerable and Exhausted. They offer a number of different programs aimed at empowering children and vulnerable adults to reach their full potential. Currently C.A.R.E. Africa has 42 children in the program and over 20 caretakers, widows and abandoned mothers. 

The first A.W.A.N.A. club was also established in all of Southwest Nigeria through C.A.R.E. Africa. It is held every Monday 4-6pm in Egbe for all children in the Egbe Community. We currently have over 200 children that come to hear about Jesus, play games and memorize scripture every week.[/expand]

Opportunities to serve:

  • AWANA Director
  • C.A.R.E. Africa Learning Center Administrator
  • C.A.R.E. Africa Child Mentor

Kings Kids

Kings Kids is a ministry of City Ministries of EMS/ECWA. It cares for the needy and volnerable children that are brought to Gidan Bege.

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City Ministries seeks to meet physical and emotional needs of needy children by providing them with food, clothing, shelter, medicine, literacy training, vocational training, education, scholarships, and protection and love in order to meet their deeper spiritual needs and help equip them for life in Christ

King’s Kids currently runs CARE (Children At Risk Educational) Centers for orphans & street kids and helps support/develop EMS schools for Nigerian missionary children. We currently have hundreds of children in the ministry full-time. We have have 8 CARE Centers, in which house more than 400 children and provide meals, education, clothing and a loving environment for each child. [/expand]

Boys Transition House

Boys Transition House (TH) is one of King's Kids 8 CARE centers. TH houses around 60 boys  living in three houses with their house uncles. 

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Most of the boys go to school and a smaller number of them are engaged full time in apprenticeships.

The boys are range in age from 13 to 20 years old. They receive bible teaching, attend church and participate in daily devotions with their house uncles. These are just some of the activities that are going on at TH.

Many of the boys have a personal faith, which is obvious when you hear them pray, talk about their relationship with God and even teach others.

There is a need for a missionary who could work closely with the staff at TH in order to help run the CARE center and also be involved in administration of funds.[/expand]

Oppertunities to Serve:

  • Adviser for the center


As a ministry of City Ministries of EMS/ECWA, City Sports unit uses sports to reach youth.  City Sports has HQ teams that compete, share the gospel and bring discipleship while also training local ECWA churches to develop teams to do the same.

Girls Transition House