“Bush” hospitals, rural clinics, teaching hospitals, modern dental clinics and medical labs allow missionaries to use their professional skills to show Christ’s love through compassionate, holistic health care.

Medical Ministry Opportunities Brochure


With nearly half of Nigeria’s population under the age of 15, opportunities abound to minister to children at risk, to teach Nigerians, to develop discipleship materials or to just show Jesus’ love through play!


We are always looking for teachers for Hillcrest School (K-12) for MKs and international students, Kent Academy & Cornerstone Academy (K-6) and teacher trainers for local missionary schools. Home schooling and Egbe Music Academy are other outlets.

Marginalized Adults

Reaching out to widows, orphans, the poor, prisoners and the disabled is a priority for SIM Nigeria. We want to empower people through skills and extend care to those whom society overlooks.

Pioneering Opportunities

We are looking for hardy missionaries to begin new ministries in Muslim outreach, business development, English/literacy teaching, skills/community development, community health, and urban ministries.


We are committed to strengthening and building quality leadership through, discipleship and mentoring.  Our vision is for well-trained passionate leadership at all levels serving God’s church in this and future generations.

Muslims/Christians Relationships

By building trust and cooperation within local communities and showing the restorative power of the gospel, we strive towards bridging the divide in Muslims and Christians relationships, working together to create safer and more harmonious communities. 


Believing that all people need the person and saving power of Christ, we are engaged in ministries to those living and dying without Him.  In partnership with indigenous mission organisations, we work toward seeing the unreached come to Christ.


We seek to respond to this broken world with aid and relief to people and communities suffering and in need.  Through fostering development and change, we support people to achieve a more secure future for themselves and their communities.


Services deparment helps others by providing essential support such as administration, IT, logistics, construction and financial services.  Media services communicates the work God is doing to Christians worldwide for prayer and encouragement.

Theological Education

Theological Education has a crucial role in guarding the Gospel from imbalance, distortion and error, ensuring that the whole counsel of God is passed on to the next generation, and a sound generation of leaders is developed. 

Urban Ministries

Nigeria’s 87 Million urban dwellers represent new opportunities for mission as we proclaim Christ in, and respond to the needs of, this increasing and challenging condensed mission environment.