This is a unique ministry to a unique and special people with small but mighty results.  The Fulani are the world’s largest nomadic ethnic empire, caught in the crosswinds of nations and civilizations. 

Over 20 million people desperate for change, needing a relationship with Christ.  Through Christ lives are redeemed, suffering released from its prey, and God is exalted.  But for this to happen people are needed to go, to minister to the Fulani, to demonstrate the love of Christ

In Nigeria we connect by meeting them where they are and doing as Christ would do.  Generally it’s a whole mix.  Visitation with them, helping them navigate in the modern world, providing resources to avert humanitarian disaster (medications, literacy, progressive animal husbandry, counsel,) and friendship.  We do not ignore the dangers of this work.  We also network with Pastors who introduce new believers to us. Many have great needs as persecution is extreme.  It is difficult, exhausting, and Satan is truly, visibly, against us.

It is our work to partner with donors in continuing this task of taking Goodness to these people, in light of God’s mercy, in spite of these challenges.  We SEEK, DISCIPLE, And MULTIPLY to any who come, and especially Fulani. This is an invitation to be a part of the Lord’s team in this.