At what kind of school do the students beg for the holiday to be over? At Cornerstone Academy in Gyero near Jos, Nigeria. This happens nearly every year during the long holiday.

Cornerstone Academy is a primary (elementary) school for some of the youngest children in City Ministries. It is located in the village of Gyero about half an hour’s drive outside of Jos. Here, City Ministries has a CARE center for 120 orphans and vulnerable children. Close to 100 of these kids attend Cornerstone Academy where we have classes from kindergarten up to grade five. The school was founded in 2010 to accommodate the needs of the children in the center. Many of the children come without much schooling due to what they have experienced before coming under the care of City Ministries. Many have lost one or both parents, so they have been living with other relatives who often cannot afford to send them to school. Due to trauma, it takes time for many of them to settle in at school; but over time, we see great changes in them and they come to learn, play and thrive. God is providing for the school and the needs of the children in miraculous ways. Throughout the years, we have been blessed with short-termers coming to serve at the school. These short-termers have had education in many varying areas, from education, to geology and computer science. At Cornerstone, anyone with a passion and calling to serve the wonderful children leave with a lasting imprint on their hearts.