Administrative roles are vital to the smooth operation and interaction of SIM Nigeria. Positions such as human resources coordinator, coordinators, and logistics personnel work together for recruitment, placement, member care, and encouragement of the entire SIM Nigeria team. They are involved in daily management of administrative functions and supporting the wider mission community through providing essential support services here. There are multiple opportunities for people with administrative experience and expertise to serve the SIM Nigeria community to the glory of God.

Within Nigeria many people struggle in supporting their families due to a lack of employment opportunities. Training in business is an important element in giving these people a hand up in life. There is need for people with business skills to observe and teach people how organise themselves into groups to trade as Christians. For the entrepreneurial inclined there could be opportunities to use business as a means of Christian outreach into Northern areas of Nigeria.

Maintenance and building of the physical infrastructure for SIM ministry and personnel is a crucial aspect for ensuring effective continuation of ministries within the field.
Construction personal work closely with local tradesmen and suppliers to oversee the building and maintenance of missionary accommodation and ministry buildings throughout the country. They are also able to encourage, mentor and contribute positively into the lives of those they work with.

Provision of Financial management advice is needed tool for considering issues by Leadership, Ministries, working with Nigerian Churches, missionaries and for any who need to manage money given to the mission for a given person.
This is apart from the need to manage provision of financial services in a context of another culture, the culture of missionaries and the legal expectations of Sending offices and host country.

IT & Computers
Ministries and missionaries rely on good IT infrastructure, both to carry out their ministries and to let the world know about it. When the technology doesn’t work as intended it diminishes the effectiveness of ministry.
As IT person your skill and knowledge can be used in everything from developing ministry software and maintaining hardware to assisting in developing media services. They also help train others in computing skills, passing on their skills and knowledge. IT people play an important support role in keeping these essential services going. If they didn’t you would not be reading this.

Pastoral Care Facilitator
Ministry in Nigeria has its unique challenges and stresses. As SIM Nigeria expands our missionary force into more challenging environments, we recognize the need to bring specialized member care to our missionaries where they serve.
The pastoral care facilitator provides pastoral care support, counselling and encouragement to missionaries throughout the country. This position is critical to the success of new planned initiatives and will strengthen the care needed for existing ministries.