A brighter future for burn patients

I was so excited to have one of my patients come to visit me this month.  Jeffet is a three year old boy who came to the clinic after recovering from a burn he sustained from pulling a pot of hot stew down on himself.  When he came to see me he had scarring on the right side of his chest and all down his right arm. 

Jeffet-1 years after wearing garment

He had also developed a contracture of the right elbow due to holding his arm bent all the time.  He had surgery to release his elbow contracture and now has full movement of his arm.  He has faithfully worn the pressure garment we made for him for a year and now there are no scars. His skin is flat and smooth with only some change in the pigmentation of the skin.  I was so happy to see that the garment had been successful in reducing his scarring from the burn.  His mother was so grateful for our help and wishes she had known about Healing Touch Clinic and come at the very beginning.   I pray that the clinic will be a place of healing for so many more patients like Jeffet.

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